Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Ružinov Drinking Hill Concert

I don't like to write for tourists.  I wrote this for my friends.

The concert took place inside Espresso Planetka pub.  But that's not where the party was.

My musician friend, Robo Patejdl, and I hosted a great hour-long concert with many old and new friends on that warm August night in Bratislava, Slovakia.  After that we had to relocate.  Anyone who has been out with me in that neighborhood will tell you that bars, restaurants and houses that we drink at are all just filler.  The heart and soul of our Ružinov parties is Drinking Hill.

Where are the other pictures?
I don't remember most of the concert, since I'm always in a nervous, panicked blur before I perform.  I do remember people taking pictures and filming, but for some reason only one picture has surfaced from that night.  It's my skinny ass...probably singing Lady Gaga for the millionth time.  If anyone has more pictures from that night, please send them.  Deki moc!

Rather than try to recall the events of the particular concert, I'm just going to wax nostalgic about Ružinov Drinking Hill. *sigh*  People accuse me of many faults: excessive drinking, womanizing, fear of commitment, inability to grow-up, being easily distracted...

Uhhh, where was I?  My worst addiction would be nostalgia.  Nostalgia for places, experiences and, most importantly, people.  I constantly think of the good old days with friends and how I can relive them. Traveling feeds this addiction.  Somewhere down the next road is something better and more exciting than what I have already experienced.  Every time I return to Ružinov I hope that the next party will be better than the previous ones...

Here is nostalgia at its worst.  In pictures, this the legend of Ružinov Drinking Hill:

First we gather lots of alcohol.  Russians are famous for their drinking, but their Slavic brothers in general (of course Slovaks) have an amazing capacity for drink.  In the United States I'm called an alcoholic.  In Slovakia I'm a "weak bitch."

"Alcohol Poisoning!"

Czech-Slovak Beer served American House Party Style
Bring lots of food and start grilling in the park.  This would seem logical to any American (ahem 'Murican).  However big, American-style outdoor barbecues are not a part of Slovak culture...yet.

Parky a Paprika

The "front yard" of my Ruzinov flat

Take the party back inside your Communist-era panelka flat.  Since barbecues aren't normal in Slovakia, the police often saw it as a danger and would break up the party.  Or the weather would suddenly change.  This only encouraged the bad behavior.

The Smoking Section

The Toast with Fancy 'Murican Imported SOLO Cups
Take the party back OUTSIDE the apartment.  Slovakia has a law that prohibits loud noise in buildings after 10pm (22:00).  Around 9:50pm we had to stage a massive exodus for our drunken troops.  A little hill in an adjacent park became our refuge since it possesses a magical ability to hid people from the police...

10:00pm - Ready to Begin the Drinking Hill Voyage

Heading to The Secret Rendezvous Point with Buckets of Beer
Party at Ruzinov Drinking Hill.  I can't tell you what happens at Drinking Hill...most likely because I'm too black-out drunk to remember.  There was usually a Slovakian lady and a lot of alcohol involved.  Everybody who has been there has their own debil story about the people they met or the stupid things they did.  All I know is at some point the next morning I would return there after some wild voyage around Bratislava's bars to collect evidence of the party.  There was never much left...

One Lonely SOLO Cup Is All That's Left
I miss these times and the people who were there.  Bratislava, Slovakia is not a place that most people put on their Top Ten travel lists, but for me it's one of the best.  And it's all thanks to the people who are there.    This song is for you guys.  I played it at the Ružinov Concert and I will play it the next time I see you, because I always gotta feelin'...

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